Q: What makes you different from all the other financial advisors out there?

A: Where to start? Well, first, we aim to provide the absolute highest level of customer service to you, our client. In fact, it’s our priority 1, 2, and 3. Second, we have not only read all the books, we have also walked the walk and talked the talk. If you don’t know what that means, then keep reading below! Third, we include financial planning services and coaching services for all of our “AUM” personal clients.

Q: Why Acts? What does Acts mean?

A: Our lives are a compilation of thousands of decisions we make and act upon. At Acts Financial Advisors, we want to help give our clients the information and tools to make decisions and to act upon that can lead to more fulfilling lives for our clients and their loved ones.

Q: Why a bull?

A: Bulls symbolize not only an upturn in the stock market, which we hope to help effect for all of our clients, but also are creatures that take action.

Q: Why did you switch from being a doctor to doing this?

A: As physicians, we both had experience starting, operating, and selling our own practices. Throughout the time we were high earners and business operators, we relied on a hodge podge of advisors and experts, each with a different specialization. However, none seemed to be able to coordinate well with others, leading to gaps in the advisory experience. Also, we felt that most were not necessarily looking out to our own good, but for their own self-interest. We are trying to make it comprehensive to make it easier for our clients.

Q: Why should I trust you to be able to effectively manage my money?

A: We have both the book knowledge and the life experience of effectively managing personal finances, investments, minimizing taxes, and protecting assets. We take an evidence-based approach to each, and we will work with you hand-in-hand, explaining our advice, answering your questions, and (because we know that psychology matters as much as intellectual knowledge) providing financial and life coaching along the way.